About the Company

About the Company

Ethos Environmental is the manufacturer and distributor of a unique line of fuel reformulating products under the name Ethos Fuel Reformulators, or Ethos FR.

As the name suggests, Ethos Environmental's credo is solely based on adhering to the highest levels of ethics in every aspect of its business conduct. Its contribution to its clients, shareholders, and international partners deliver value to consumers while contributing to the future of next generations.
Ethos is conceived to work with any fuel in an internal combustion engine. It adds cleaning and lubricating qualities to any type of fuel or motor oil, allowing engines to perform cooler, smoother and with more vigor. The overall benefits are increased fuel mileage, reduced emissions and maintenance costs. Over the last decade, the unmatched value of Ethos FR products has been proven through millions of miles of on-the-road testing. On average, customers have achieved a 7% to 19% increase in fuel mileage, and more than 30% reduction in fuel emissions.

Ethos Environmental is also at the forefront in the development of new blending methods and is positioned to lead the industry with numerous new patents currently under development. Patents are in process to cover areas of synthetic oils, sulfur substitutes and varied formulations of the original Ethos FR and its enhancements.

Since the company was founded, it continues to experience tremendous growth in the global market place. Ethos Environmental has successfully launched products in regions such as North and South America, Western Europe and the Asian Pacific Rim through global channels of distribution and collaborations with market-specific distributors. Due to the comprehensive understanding of these distributors of local market dynamics and indigenous cultural preferences, Ethos’s management has successfully adapted to the global markets in which it operates.

The long-term objective of Ethos Environmental is to continue to provide ethical products to ethical clients concerned with minimizing the impact of harmful emissions upon the environment. Ethos Environmental strives to contribute value to shareholders while assuming a pivotal role as a socially conscious member of an increasingly interdependent global community.