Reasons For Becoming A Distributor

This is the perfect time to be involved with recession proof, environmentally friendly, Ethos FR+.  Pre-position with us now!

Ethos FR+ increases miles per gallon 7% to 19%

and decreases emissions 30% - or more!

Three undeniable mega market trends have converged to make our business a tidal wave of growth.

  1. Volatile fuel prices.
  2. Declining economic conditions.
  3. Global concern for the environment.

With the global economy in a full blown recession record numbers of people are looking for ways to diversify, replace, or surpass their incomes.  

You can help others to prosper and in turn create a significant, recurring walk-away income for years to come.

International expansion is eminent.  Global fuel demand and environmental concerns will only escalate, therefore ecoMates  presence internationally will quickly surpass that of the USA.

Families save money on a bill they have to pay

ecoMates Ethos FR+:

  • saves consumers on average 7% to 19% each time they fill up
  • saves consumers more than the price of the product
  • dramatically reduces harmful emissions – 30% or more!
  • enables consumers to be green without additional cost
  • is EPA registered
  • California Air Resources Board (C.A.R.B.) lab tested
  • SAE  (Society of Automotive Engineers) based test protocols
  • is non-toxic, biodegradable, nonflammable
  • cleans, lubricates, and restores horsepower
  • helps engines to run cooler, smoother, with more vigor
  • extends the life of engine oil
  • lowers annual maintenance costs
  • pursuant to the Magnuson-Moss Act, will not null nor void vehicle warranty

ecoMates Ethos works with any fuel, including gas, diesel, bio-diesel, gasoline ethanol blends, and furnace oil.

Ethos is effective in any internal combustion engine including cars, trucks, RVs, motorcycles, boats, generators, two stroke engines, etc.

EPA Recognized Lab Tests Prove It Works

Ethos FR+ is cost effective and green!

Jerry Schnitzius, former G.M. Allied Waste San Diego

Publicly traded Allied Waste Services dramatically decreased San Diego division fleet emissions by 71 percent. 

The reduction in emissions was caused by more efficient burning of fuel, saving the South Western division on average over 1 million dollars in each of the past 7 years.  [Test Data.]

Catch the Tidal Wave of Growth

To catapult to national brand-name recognition and market dominance, a product must be:

  1. Necessary - During a down turn in the economy, discretionary spending is reduced or is eliminated. Using Ethos, consumers save money on fuel, a necessary expense! Unlike products from other networking companies, with Ethos no one has to figure out how they will work an extra expense into their budget.
  2. Unique - What differentiates ecoMates Ethos FR+ is that it works. Ethos FR+ has satisfied commercial and government users, along with the studies and test data to prove it.
  3. Consumable - For long-term success, a product must not only work but must be re-ordered regularly. Repeat purchasing monthly is critical to creating a lasting brand, and a long-term, perpetual income stream.

 Timing is Everything

Positioning in front of colliding mega trends with the

  • right product
  • right company
  • right time

    …results in a tidal wave of growth. 

    Those who work hard and smart right now before Ethos becomes a household name, have the opportunity to be among the vast number of wealthy entrepreneurs that will be created.

     That time is NOW - catch the wave!

    Your ecoMates leadership team helped grow a publicly-traded NYSE, billion-dollar company from its infancy of $5 million a month to $50 million dollars a month in revenue in two years –- creating hundreds of millionaires in the process. We are now pre-positioned to drive ecoMates Ethos through the exact same kind of growth and this time you can join us!

    Ethos EcoMates’ compensation plan is one of the most lucrative in the industry, with immediate income potential and commissions paid on a weekly basis. You can be among the first to partner with us and create a significant, recurring, walk-away income for years to come.

    To begin building your business today, please contact the person who directed you to this site.Or just click the enroll now button below