Video 1

Video 1: What is it and how does it work?

Video 2: Where can I use Ethos FR and Ethos FR+?

Video 3: What kind of fuel can I run Ethos FR+ in?

Video 4: Jerry explains what happened when the San Diego, CA division of publicly traded Allied Waste started using Ethos FR.

Video 5: Ethos FR product of the year, Indy Lights series.  (Division of Indianapolis 500.)

Video 6: 1994 Honda Civic running completely emissions free - cleaner than a brand new Honda Prius hybrid!

Video 7: Can I use Ethos FR in synthetic oil?  What happens if I stop using Ethos?  What about the long term affects of Ethos FR?

Video 8: What about in older engines?

Video 9: Baja race, two stroke engines, fuel stabalizer.

Video 10: Ethos FR in Power Steering, powerful testimonial.



Ethos increases miles per gallon on average 7% to 19%
and reduces emissions by 30% - or more!

Save families money on a bill they have to pay.


Ethos Fuel Reformulator pays for itself.





 Ethos increases miles per gallon
on average 7% to 19%
and reduces emissions by 30% or more!

"The emission test found nothing coming from our tailpipe"

We have a 2004 Chevrolet Impala. We’re getting about 10% more gas mileage. But what I really find exciting is when we had our car tested for pollution. The Maryland emission test found nothing coming from our tailpipe. Imagine if only 10% of vehicles on the road used Ethos FR. That would be 10% less pollution and junk in the air!”

                                               - TJ Johnson, Maryland USA

"It works! I thought my gas gauge was broken ."

"My father, a mechanic and having his own shop for over 30 years,was someone I wanted to introduce Ethos Fuel Reformulator to. Explaining what the product was and how it works. He told me how he uses a fuel injector cleaner in his van. He encouraged my mother to purchase a 32 oz. bottle. That week he was going to California. When he gets there he calls me and says "Gabriel, it works! I thought my gas gauge was broken - it wasn't moving. Can you please send me 2 additional bottles? Wow - Ethos, thank you for a great product."

                                               - Gabriel, Texas USA

"Does It Really Work - Ask Allied Waste"
allied waste earth day award
Allied Waste Services won the Earth Day Award for reducing pollution and harmful emissions by 500 tons per year. Allied Waste Services (a publicly traded company) is the second largest waste management company in the U.S. and currently burns about a million gallons of fuel per day.

"Does it really work - this is the most important question to ask, for if it doesn't, nothing else matters," states Jerry Schnitzius, GM of the San Diego area operation of Allied Waste Services. A trained mechanic, he was reluctant to use such a thing as "a miracle in a can." When he finally did, he put it in an old truck that was about ready to go to the junkyard. Ethos FR immediately reduced the opacity (blackness of exhaust smoke) from 80 to 20! Opacity is one of the most important tests on diesel engines in California. Still not convinced, they tested it on more trucks for six months before giving the go ahead to put it in all trucks, as average opacity for the entire fleet is now approximately a 10 rating. Thus the decision has been made to use Ethos FR across the nation by all Allied operations."

                                                - Jerry Schnitzius, Former GM, Allied Waste Services

"Trust the Experts", CEE Research

In today’s economy, who doesn’t want to protect their automobile investment and save money at the gas pump? "The results using the ethosFR+ product showed significant improvement in lowering the tailpipe emissions and improving fuel economy."

                                               - CEE Research Director Joe Jones

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